Ailanthus altissima (Mill.), commonly known as tree of heaven has become an invasive species due to its ability both to quickly colonise disturbed areas and to suppress competition with allelopathic compounds. Many of the invaded forests, mainly in the warmer, southern parts of the Alps, play a key role in natural hazard risk management as they have a protective function against rockfall. The aim of this project is to better understand the ecological processes that determine the invasion success of the species and to evaluate alternative management strategies.

  • UR-UMR-Direction: EMGR
  • Thème de recherche: SEDYVIN
  • Disciplines scientifiques : 1060 Écologie générale
  • Maître d’œuvre: Interne UR-UMR-Direction
  • Etat d'avancement: 3 - Développement
  • Langage de développement: C++
  • Interface: Console (flux de texte)
  • Système d'exploitation: Indépendant de l'OS
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Licence: CeCILL (licence française compatible GPL)
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