HRU-delin version V4

Added by Isabelle Gouttevin over 7 years ago

In this version new functionalities have been created :
- deal with irrigation map (cf Rapport_MDR_2016_final.pdf)

Small bugs have also been corrected
- aspect calculation for NORTH (in
- syntax of the reclass_default_rules_dem file (supression of "thru")

The v4 version is deployed on penelope.

HRU-delin batch version V3

Added by Christine Barachet over 9 years ago

This version implements :

- slopes and aspects (step 1) are derived from the filled (depressionless) DEM

- a shapefile of the streams is delivered by step 1, to be used to relocate the stations

- the stations new shapefile can be introduced at step 2


Also available in: Atom